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  • Mrs. Tan is worried about her weight, so she goes to see a doctor. 谭太太担心自己的体重,所以她去看医生。 Oh, I m too fat, I need to lose a lot of weight. 哦,我太胖了,我需要减掉很多体重。 It i
  • King Xuan of Qi liked listening to a kind of music - yu. 齐国的国君齐宣王爱好音乐,尤其喜欢听吹竽, Therefore, he ordered 300 players to make a band to play yu for him.他派人组成了一支300人的乐队在一
  • Pandas are lovely animals. 熊猫是可爱的动物。 Most of them live in the deep forests of Sichuan Province in China. 他们大多数生活在中国四川省的森林深处。 They have white fur, though their shoulders, l
  • To Recognize A Good Steed In the Spring and Autumn Period, a man named Bo Le is an expert in identifying a good horse. He put his experiences in this area into his book Physiognomy Of Horses, which i
  • Hi, kids! Glad to see you again. 小朋友们,爸爸妈妈给你们配手机了吗?如果平时上课的时候,有人的手机响了,老师会怎么办呢?是没收还是警告呢?不过,我们大人在开会或者上班的时候,通常会对自己的手机做两种
  • Hi, kids! Glad to see you again. 小朋友们,你们有没有帮助爸爸妈妈招待过家里的客人呢?他们来到家里的时候,你是不是首先要请别人坐下,要不然,客人会站在那里不知所措,对吧。如果是一个外国客人,那这一句
  • One day when Bob is on the way home from school, he sees a little bird at the foot of a tree. It has fallen out of its nest. 一天鲍勃在放学回家的路上,在树下看到了一只小鸟。它从鸟窝里摔了下来。 Bob t
  • Ashley: We learn a beautiful song, today. It is about friends. (今天我们学习了一首动听的歌。是关于我们的朋友的。) Sara: That is our class song, now. I like it very much.(现在那是我们的班歌了。我非
  • 老鼠前面走,跟着老黄牛,老虎一声吼,兔子抖三抖,龙在天上游,蛇在地上扭, 马儿跑得快,山羊吃青草,猴子翻跟头,金鸡喊啼鸣,黄狗守大门,小猪睡大觉。 你们听过这首童谣吗?不难发现,这里面一共有12种动物,
  • 01 纯净水 pure water (pure 纯洁的,纯的 ) Don t give your baby too much pure water. It s not so good for it. 别给你的宝宝喝很多纯净水。对他来说不是特别好。 (在这句话中,it指代前面的baby。当宝宝太
  • Ocean 海洋 The ocean is very important for people. 海洋对人类来说非常重要。 It provides them a lot of food, such as fish and shellfish. 它为人们提供很多食物,比如鱼类与贝类。 It is also an important
  • Light Bulb 电灯泡 Before the light bulb was invented, there was only a candle to light up a room. 在电灯泡未发明之前,只有蜡烛能照亮屋子。 Finally, in 1879 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. 最终
  • There are about 5,000 fire fighters in Chicago. 在芝加哥大约有5,000名消防员。 Tim is one of them. He is on duty eight hours every day. 蒂姆就是其中之一。他每天值班八小时。 During his shift, he eats a
  • I m a word. I have three letters. 我是一个单词。我由三个字母组成。 My first is in snow but not in ice . 第一个字母在 snow 中但不在 ice 中。 My second is in rose and also in rice . 第二个字母既
  • Today is Sunday. Bob is going to the zoo with his classmates. 今天是周日。鲍勃要和同学去动物园。 He put on his new white T-shirt and yellow cap. 他穿上新的白色T恤,戴上了黄色的帽子。 He says goodbye
  • don t go there 大家有没有发现,在英语学习的过程中,总会有一些看似特别简单的单词,组合在一起出现,往往让人摸不着头脑!你遇到过这种情况吗? 就好比我们今天要跟大家分享的 don t go there 一样,字面意思确
  • A Tub for A Boat 浴盆做船 Kate, I wish we had a boat to put the dolls in. Don t you? 凯特,我希望我们有只小船把娃娃装进去。你呢? I know what we can do. 我知道我们该怎么办。 We can get the litt
  • Doll 玩具娃娃 Kate, will you play with me? said James. 凯特,你愿意和我一起玩吗? 詹姆斯说。 We will dig in the sand with this little spade. That will be fine sport. 我们要用这把小铲子在沙滩上
  • Bruce s mum: It s late. What are you doing now, Bruce? (不早了。布鲁斯,你在干什么呢?) Bruce:I just finish my homework. (我刚刚写完作业。) Bruce s mum: It s time to sleep. (到时间睡觉了。) Br
  • Old Grandma See my dear, old grandma in her easy-chair! 看呀亲爱的,老奶奶正躺在她的安乐椅上! How gray her hair is! She wears glasses when she reads. 她的头发银白!她看书时戴上了眼镜。 She is always
  • A Bright Day 明媚的一天 What a bright June day! The air is pure. The sky is as blue as it can be. 多明媚的六月天啊!空气清爽,天空湛蓝。 Lucy and her mamma are in the woods. 露西和她的妈妈在树林里。
  • Young Birds A little girl went in search of flowers for her mother. 一个小女孩为她的妈妈去采花。 It was early in the day, and the grass was wet. Sweet little birds were singing all around her. And wh
  • Polly Lucy has a new pet. Do you know what kind of bird it is? 露西养了一只新宠物。你知道这是一只什么鸟吗? Lucy calls her Polly. 露西叫它波利。 Polly can say, Poor Poll! Poor Poll! Polly wants a cr
  • Skating 滑冰 I like winter, when snow and ice cover the ground. 我喜欢冬天,冰雪覆盖大地。 What fun it is to throw snowballs, and to skate on the ice! 打雪仗和滑冰多么有趣! See the boys and girls! H
  • Rabbits 兔子 One day, Willie s father saw a boy at the market with four little white rabbits in a basket. 一天,威利的爸爸在市场看到了一个男孩,他的篮子里有四只凶兔。 He thought these would be nice p
  • 你们有过这样的经历吗:爱美的女孩子们会偷偷试穿妈妈的高跟鞋,穿妈妈的漂亮裙子,再用妈妈的口红涂一个漂亮的小红唇,然后开心的对着镜子欣赏那个 长大 的自己。帅气的男孩子们学着爸爸成熟的模样思考问题,和人
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  • OK, Let s begin with the hen. hen 母鸡 母鸡就是鸡妈妈。她的主要工作就是下蛋和孵小鸡,当然还要照顾鸡宝宝们。 (1). The chickens gathered under the hen. 小鸡们聚集在母鸡身体下面。 (2). My hens laid fi
  • Small Bear loves his little bed. Papa Bear made the bed for him when he was a baby. But one morning, Small Bear wakes up with pains in his legs. He is too big for his little bed now. 小熊很喜欢自己的
  • Lily有个可爱的玩具小熊,Alice也想要玩一会,听听她们之间的对话是如何展开的。 Alice: Wow. What a cute teddy bear! 哇,好可爱的泰迪熊! Lily: Yes. My mother bought me last week. And I like it very much.
  • The teacher is giving her students a written examination. 老师正在给学生们进行笔试。 She wants them to write a composition. 她想让他们写一篇作文。 The title is My Dog. No less than 150 word. 标题是
  • The Name of a Woman 一个女人的名字 A little girl couldn t find her way home. 一个小女孩找不到回家的路。 When she was crying, a policeman asked her, Who is with you? 当她哭的时候, 一个警察问她, 谁