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  • Intelligent son One day, the father lets eight year-old son send a letter, the son took the letter , the father then remembered didn t write the address and addressee s name on the envelope. After th
  • Let Dog in Hotel A man wrote a letter to a small hotel he planned to visit on his vacation: I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be wil
  • Who s More Polite? A fat man and a skinny man were arguing about who was the more polite. The skinny man said he was more polite because he always tipped his hat to ladies. But the fat man knew he wa
  • The poor husband You can t imagine how difficult it is for me to deal with my wife, the man complained to his friend. She asks me a question, then answers it herself, and after that she explained
  • I Wasn t Asleep When a group of women got on the car, every seat was already occupied. The conductor noticed a man who seemed to be asleep, and fearing he might miss his stop, he nudged him and said:
  • Expensive Price Dentist: I m sorry, madam, but I ll have to charge you twenty-five dollars for pulling your son s tooth. Mother: Twenty-five dollars! But I thought you only charged five dollars for a
  • 1. As new students at a university in Boston, many of us were unfamiliar with the campus and consequently late for class. One professor, however, was particularly intolerant of tardiness, making it
  • Mrs. Brown: Oh, my dear, I have lost my precious little dog! Mrs. Smith: But you must put an advertisement in the papers! Mrs. Brown: It s no use, my little dog can t read. 布朗夫人:哦, 亲爱的,我
  • Sir William Thompson was very deaf but he did not like people to know this. One evening he had invited several friends to dinner, and while they were sitting at the table, one of the friends told
  • Workman: Mr. Brown,I should like to ask for a small rise in my wages. I have just been married. Employer: Very sorry,my dear man, but I can t help you. For accidents which happen to our work
  • A highway patrol officer stopped a speeding motorist. Don t you know what the blinking lights and siren mean? he demanded. Yes, sir, replied the driver. Then why didn t you pull over immediately
  • The Same Service .A man who had been married for ten years was consulting a marriage counselor. When I was first married,I was very happy. I d come home from a hard day down at the shop,and my l
  • No matter which girl he brought home, the young man found disapproval from his mother. A friend gave him advice. Find a girl just like your mother-then she s bound to like her. So the young man
  • Class and Ass Professor Laurie of Glasgow put this notice on his door: Professor Laurie will not meet his classes today. A student,after reading the notice,rubbed out the c . Later Professor La
  • The little girl did not like the look of the barking dog. It s all right, said a gentleman, don t be afraid. Don t you know the proverb: Barking dogs don t bite? Ah, yes, answered the little gi
  • Policeman: Why didn t you shout for help when you were robbed of your watch? Man: If I had opened my mouth, they d have found my four gold teeth. That would be much worse. 警察:有人抢你的手表时,你
  • Two Cute dogs A man walks into a shop and sees a cute little dog. He asks the shopkeeper, Does your dog bite? The shopkeeper says, No, my dog does not bite. The man tries to pet the dog and the d
  • a great man Teacher: Would Shakespeare be a great man if he were still alive today? Student: Of course. He must be a great man, for so far nobody has lived to over 400 years. 一名伟人 老师:如果莎士
  • A teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses. She started her class by saying, Everyone who thinks you re stupid, stand up! Little Johnny then stood up. The teacher said, Do you thin
  • a kiss At a dinner party, the speaker, who was the guest of honor, was about to deliver a speech when his wife sitting at the other end of the table, sent him a piece of paper with the word KISS sc
  • 幽默故事:郁闷的小熊猫 小熊猫从学校回家,郁闷地对妈妈说: 现在班上的女生都不理我了。 妈妈不解地问: 为什么呢,她们不是老夸你的 墨镜 酷吗? 小熊猫说: 今年流行红色的隐形眼镜,她们全都追凶兔去了。
  • 幽默故事:咕咚来了 早晨,湖边寂静无声。一灰一白一黄三只小兔快活地扑蝴蝶。 忽然湖中传来 咕咚 一声,这奇怪的声音把小兔们吓了一大跳。刚想去看个究竟,又听到 咕咚 一声,这可把小兔们吓坏了, 快跑,咕咚来了
  • 幽默故事:狼给人发奖 几只狼在 网 上相遇,聊起天来。 听人说,羊爱上了狼。你们说荒唐不? 那荒唐啥呀?现在就是有好多好多的蹊跷事儿! 有这等好事,我咋没遇上呢? 人真有才,那歌唱的 羊爱上狼,爱得疯
  • 幽默故事:人没像皮高 晓东问小明: 你有橡皮膏吗? 小明挠挠脑袋,抱歉地说: 我没有橡皮膏! 晓东哈哈大笑: 你还没有橡 皮 高! 肯定是好的 爷爷让孙子去商店买火柴,并嘱咐道: 要挑好的,划得燃的。 小孙
  • 幽默故事:西瓜长刺了 小刺猬每天出门前,妈妈都要关照它穿好刺毛衣,因为外面可怕的事实在是太多了,有了刺毛衣的保护,小刺猬可以平平安安地度过一天。晚上,浑身是刺的小刺猬回到家,妈妈赶紧帮它脱下扎人的刺毛
  • 幽默故事:屋顶上有只猫 这天,小加惊讶地发现:屋顶上竟站着一只猫! 奇怪。猫是怎么上屋顶的? 小加想, 是飞上去的吗?难道猫会飞? 猫不是鸟,当然不会飞!可是,也许这是一只会魔法的猫呢。这是说不定的。
  • 幽默故事:老乌龟 乌龟大婶想烙饼,可是却找不到酵母来发面。于是,她就喊正在睡熟的老伴: 快醒醒吧,老乌龟,别睡啦!快去找兔子大婶要点酵母来! 老乌龟正在说梦话呢,他被乌龟大婶叫醒后,一肚子不高兴,睡眼
  • 幽默故事:国王不得低头 国王化装成老百姓,路过理发店,碰到胖子和瘦子正在争论:这个国家谁最有权威。 胖子说,国王最有权威。瘦子说,理发师最有权威,他能让国王低头。国王从来没剪过头发,他的高帽子里藏着一
  • 幽默故事:青蛙妈妈鼓肚皮 一只牛在池塘边喝水的时候,一不小心,一脚踩在一窝小青蛙身上,结果把其中一只小青蛙踩死了。 小青蛙的妈妈回来以后,发现少了一只小青蛙,便询问发生了什么事情,其余的小青蛙告诉她事
  • 幽默故事:飞车党 阿丽是个全职太太,每天都把自己打扮得珠光宝气的。 最近,街上经常出现抢劫的 飞车党 。听说歹徒专找那些打扮光鲜的女人下手,原因是这些女人有钱。 为了安全起见,阿丽把身上所有的首饰都摘了下
  • 幽默故事:方便面 去超市买方便面,正准备付钱,我无意中瞟了一眼外包装袋,才发现只剩3天就要过保质期,于是跟收银小姐说,我不想买了。收银小姐问明原因后,大度地挥挥手: 不买也行,顾客至上嘛。 末了,她又加
  • 幽默故事:迈克中彩票 迈克买彩票中了一千万美元。领奖那天,他穿上黑色长袍戴上黑色面罩,把头和脸都裹得严严实实,只露出眼睛、鼻子和嘴巴。 迈克仍然感觉不太保险。他又用墨水把眼圈描黑,在鼻子上贴了一块胶布
  • 幽默故事:完美的爸爸 香喷喷面包房里,罗德叔正在工作。 我开会回来了。 周老板笑眯眯地走进来。 亲爱的罗德,请给我提点儿建议吧!从今天起,我要做一个完美的老板。 罗德叔突然想:如果孩子们也给我提点儿建议
  • 幽默故事:大酒厂招工 有家大酒厂招收一批临时工,小刘想去,但他知道进这家大酒厂不容易,就想托关系。 于是,小刘就去找了本家二叔。二叔交友广泛,自称能摆平黑白两道。他听了小刘的请求,拍着胸脯说: 这事,包
  • 幽默故事:农夫的女儿 一个农夫的女儿长得实在是太丑了,嫁不出去,农夫只好让她去玉米地当稻草人吓唬乌鸦。结果到那儿后,她不仅吓走了乌鸦,甚至还吓得三只乌鸦把以前偷的玉米送了回来。 点击查看更多:笑话大全
  • 幽默故事:卫生纸 老鼠去方便,见熊也在,吓得不敢吱声,熊看了老鼠一眼,说: 你掉不掉毛? 老鼠哆嗦了一下不语。 熊又问: 掉不掉毛啊,你? 老鼠战战兢兢地说: 不掉 熊一把抓住老鼠擦擦屁股走了Q老鼠当卫生